After several years of working with startups, ranging from small businesses to ventures with high-growth potential, we’ve identified companies that can derive the most value from our network and resources. A fit for us is a company with the following characteristics:

Stage: Companies must have measurable traction demonstrated by either early revenues or having a working prototype; differentiated IP is preferable. Teams should be growth-oriented and seeking to increase their sales or planning to raise investment in the next 6 – 12 months. We do not work with teams to help them explore early stage ideas or build a prototype but will happily refer them to organizations that can help.

Team: At least two team members, including one full-time founder or employee. The core team must be willing to commit a minimum of 10 hours a week to working with us. We work best with founders that have strong domain knowledge and target market insights.

Impact: Ventures must have a business model that integrates with social and/or environmental impact objectives, meaning that with commercial growth, measurable positive impact grows equally as well. We do not work with one-for-one models.

Demographics: We’re located in Charlottesville and are open to working with Virginia-based businesses. We have a strong focus on working with diverse teams in all regards (age, gender, ethnicity, background, etc.).

Geography: Teams outside of Charlottesville aren’t required to re-locate to our area, but they must commit to regular meetings and events during our engagement.