Fiacre Enterprises

Fiacre Enterprises develops and applies green technologies for processing and extraction of high value compounds and materials from industrial hemp. As experts from seed through material testing and hemp plant processing, Fiacre provides the highest quality hemp-derived natural products to the public and private sector.

Lytos Tech

Lytos Tech is a Charlottesville-based startup that has developed green, enzymatic, broad-based biofungicides. Based on National Science Foundation-funded research, Lytos seeks to restore crop yields previously lost to fungal pathogens while ensuring consumer and environmental safety through an organic and highly specific agent.

Grow Oyster Reefs

Grow Oyster Reefs (Grow) produces efficient, scalable reef restoration solutions that transform unproductive marine environments into hospitable environments for oysters to grow and thrive. Working across diverse geographies and their respective systems, Grow develops site-level solutions using a combination of modular products—CaCO3 concrete, reef tiles, and reef disks—that are affordable and easily transported and installed.

NoBull Burger

NoBull Burger produces plant-based veggie burgers that help people eat as close to the Earth as possible without compromising on flavor or quality. The company produces a convenient center-of-the-plate protein source made with organic, sustainable, clean-label ingredients. NoBull enables consumers to lower their personal carbon footprint, incorporate healthier options into their diets, and encourage the responsible use of natural resources in their food production.


Northshea is a Charlottesville-based skincare company that makes small-batch, all-natural shea butter products. The company sources its materials directly from Ghana, where it employs women to source and manufacture raw shea butter, providing a direct avenue for harvesters to increase their income and build a stable life. Northshea helps to double each woman’s daily income, money which women can re-invest in their families and communities.