While mission-driven ventures carry much potential, they also come with their own set of challenges such as proving untested models, securing patient capital, and moving toward profitability without compromising on mission. These challenges can create greater barriers to growth for early-stage, mission-driven companies, resulting in unrealized opportunities for companies to address pressing issues while achieving financial success.

As a nonprofit organization taking both an impact and business lens, Blue Morning seeks to close the gaps that limit mission-driven startups from succeeding. We deploy our resources across two development stages: startups seeking to validate a scalable business model and companies seeking to grow and scale. Our role is to help promising, early-stage ventures identify opportunities for meaningful growth and assist them with bringing on resources to realize that growth.

We find our best fit is with 1. Founders that have a promising innovation (e.g. inventors, scientists, researchers) but require significant technical assistance to accelerate their path to market; and 2. Early revenue-generating companies that seek to grow beyond their initial micro-region.

We assist teams with needs related to:

  • Business model and company development – We collaborate with ventures to solidify scalable business models and analyze organizational requirements to grow and scale. Additionally, we help founders identify gaps in their management and operational teams and connect them with aligned human resources.
  • Investment preparation – We identify financial support options, assess investment structures, create and organize materials that satisfy investment criteria and due diligence needs, and connect with aligned investors and philanthropic funders at an appropriate stage. Often, we see a disconnect between investors and founders, which is why we provide ongoing relationship management to keep communication clear and open.
  • Connections and partnerships – We are connected to a broad array of organizations and individuals that have capacity and desire to support mission-driven companies. We facilitate results-driven introductions to strategic partners, investors, potential customers, and subject-matter experts to help founders build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.