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Frequently Asked Questions

Participants begin with a needs assessment to identify their biggest challenges. From that initial session, we collaborate on individualized workplans, complete with stated objectives and goals, and identify milestones that need to be reached to meet those goals. We also match outside resources, from service providers to specialists, to help entrepreneurs with their specific needs. Our process is rooted in Lean Startup principles, in that we push our entrepreneurs to refine their business models through market research, rigorous testing, and customer validation.

No. For those entrepreneurs where outside funding is part of their strategy, we prepare them to pursue funding by helping them build a rock solid business plan, solidify their investable story, and develop materials to satisfy due diligence needs. 

We run structured sessions that are a two-way dialogue between staff and entrepreneurs. Program participants should expect to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to the program; these 10 hours cover the sessions and the related homework to help entrepreneurs work through their identified challenges to growth.

We specialize in working with Charlottesville-based, early-stage ventures that are preparing to launch, bring on their first paying customers, and/or incorporate a new product or service to their established enterprise.

We look for entrepreneurs who are curious, tenacious, accountable, and open to receiving help. We exist to push participants to address their challenges head on and regularly test their assumptions.

Contact Beth Johnson, Program Director, to set up a meeting – bjohnson@bluemorning.org or (434) 806-1689.

Of course. We connect with entrepreneurs at all stages and welcome the conversation.