Entrepreneurs Are the Heartbeat of Virginia.

At Blue Morning, we’re interested in the answers to three questions:

  • What are the best growth strategies for real businesses, not just unicorns?
  • How can smaller cities support local entrepreneurs, from mom and pop stores to high-growth companies?
  • How can we eliminate the stigma around the intersection of profit and mission?

We’re not the only one asking these questions.

Revolution’s Rise of the Rest is focused on unleashing innovation across the entire country, not just the large coastal cities. In the United States, the creation of the benefit corporation is beginning to change the way that companies are founded. And at Indie.vc, they proudly display a video of a flaming unicorn to demonstrate their belief that the future is in real, profitable businesses, not fantastical beasts.

These are tough questions, but we think we have some of the answers here in Charlottesville, Virginia. We’ve thrown out the standard accelerator playbook and are developing our own approach that leverages the expertise, talents, and resources found right here in our beautiful region.

Beth Johnson

Beth serves as Blue Morning’s Program Director. In her role, she manages Blue Morning’s programming, oversees its pipeline development, and brings on resources that advance the growth of mission-driven companies. Previous to Blue Morning, Beth worked in the non-profit and impact investing space.