Our growing global population and warming climate bring incredible opportunities to invest in new technologies and models, from ones increasing sustainable food production to those accelerating the transition to clean energy. The potential of these innovations to achieve both economic success and generate positive social and environmental impact inspired the launch of Blue Morning.

The greater Charlottesville, Virginia, area has its own unique challenges, from having one of the highest rates of income inequality to generating more annual carbon emissions than the average U.S. home. One in six residents face food insecurity, outpacing the national average, and thousands of affordable housing units are needed to keep families in their homes. Farmland loss is accelerating while farm expenses rise, threatening the viability of local farms and contributing to growing poverty across rural areas.

As a nonprofit organization, Blue Morning takes an impact-first approach in advancing startup ventures. We help early-stage companies overcome development hurdles by providing technical assistance, industry-specific resources, and access to capital to move founders on a path to scale. Our vision is to build a critical mass of mission-driven companies that can improve systems and contribute to more sustainable, resilient communities, while also driving a positive shift in entrepreneurship.