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Credit: "Shenandoah Sunrise" by Lukas Schlagenhauf under CC BY-ND 2.0

Can you believe it?

“You won’t believe these 7 easy shortcuts to success!”

No, of course you don’t believe this. There aren’t any real shortcuts. But are some approaches better than others?

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Our Perspective

While we love the idea of overnight success as much as everyone else, we believe that a strong focus on process is a better bet. 

We know what it takes to grow a venture from an idea into a successful enterprise. It starts with hard work, but it’s also knowing how to manage the journey, what questions to ask, when to change direction, and who to ask for help.

At Blue Morning, we work with ventures to build on their existing strengths, help them make better decisions, and set themselves up for the opportunities that lie ahead.

An Individualized Approach

Blue Morning works with ventures on a rolling basis, which is just another way of saying that we don’t have fixed program dates. Everything we do is developed and customized for the teams that we work with. We’ve found that this approach better reflects how the real world works: teams benefit from getting started quickly and waiting several months is a lost opportunity.

As a result, the length and format of our collaborations will vary. A typical workplan runs for several months and features a series of milestones focused on driving marketplace traction. These plans are developed after an initial series of meetings where we explore the business model, vision, and goals of each organization. It’s also at this stage where we assess fit. While we like to think that our approach is more robust (perhaps better?) than others, we recognize that it isn’t right for everyone. In these cases we’ll try our best to refer a venture to a program or resource that’s better suited to moving their vision forward.